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Accounting services for small businesses

Our small business accounting, payroll and sales tax services are provided on a monthly basis using a fixed-fee, retainer/subscription model. There are no hourly charges, and you're free (in fact, encouraged) to access our help at anytime.


What does your service cost?

Since no two businesses are alike, pricing is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity/size/requirements of your business. Most clients find us to be about the same cost or slightly less than a part-time bookkeeper.



Why should I use Padgett Boulder instead of a 
stand-alone accountant?

Unlike many accountants and bookkeepers, we don't merely process your paperwork, see you once a year at tax time, then send you a bill. 


Instead, we come to your business at least twice a month. We pick up and deliver everything. By meeting face-to-face at your business on an ongoing basis, we can answer questions as they come up. This helps us prevent issues before they occur, and catch tax deductions that might have gone unnoticed.


Additionally, Padgett franchises (like us) across the country represent thousands of small businesses. Thus, Padgett can negotiate discounted group rates for our clients with 3rd party services that provide:

  • workers' compensation payment systems

  • credit card processing

  • pension and 125 Plan administration

  • equipment financing



Does Padgett Boulder do payroll?

Whether you have one assistant, or an office of 15 employees, we handle all your payroll needs. This eliminates the need for an additional payroll service, saving you money.



Who uses your services?

Typical Padgett clients include:

  • Insurance agents

  • Architects

  • Consultants

  • Coffee houses & bakeries

  • Restaurants

  • Auto repair/body shops

  • Specialty retail stores (toys, gifts, used books, pets, furniture, clothing etc)

  • General contractors

  • Electricians

  • Hair salons

  • Home-based internet business


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Accounting and payroll for small businesses
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